rough couple days at work.

discussion points

  • significant loss of interest in contributing to the netlify blog
  • “moved fast and broke things”
  • opposite of thoughtful review is thoughtless?
  • we need more posts
  • we need good posts
  • we need guest posts

possible causes

  • majority of time spent discussing grammar/style rather than substance
  • i am far less interested in discussing grammar/style than substance
  • i am not a fit for the content process
  • i am not used to taking editing feedback
  • i am not used to responding to editing feedback (edited)
    I’m all for being productive but I’d also like to make sure we don’t take the move fast and break things approach

with freecodecamp

Hey Quincy!

So this feels a little shameless but here goes

  • My FreeCodeCamp + Bootcamp story:
  • podcast with Egghead:
  • Learn In Public: my in-progress essay series I am thinking of making into a nonprofit

Things I learned in public:

  • Typescript:
  • React:
  • My Contributing to React talk which is now on the official React docs:
  • My talk at React Rally, first big conference talk:

At Netlify I work on private and open source code, and blog about stuff like

Hopefully that is plenty!