i wrote up my star apps piece here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Dh6cbCAQgtjtgozYMQtv_9vGgx5S6Mx2sOybbvmMd24/edit?usp=sharing and

and submitted it cold to css tricks..

Hi! I accidentally hit submit earlier so please ignore that one heheh.

I am interested in writing about a new stack of frontend technologies that I believe is becoming increasingly popular among product teams. They involve some form of: Design System, Typescript, Apollo GraphQL, and React. I picked STAR as an acronym (:shrug:). I believe this is being driven by the need for better web app engineering paradigms on par with native development, so we are pushed toward stronger types, better designer-developer workflow, and optimizing for iterative change.

Additionally the shift toward serverless, managed services, and GraphQL has made the MEAN stack obsolete, and the "fullstack unicorn" has given way to the All Powerful Frontend Developer (tm). I believe that we will soon be writing STAR-like apps like Airbnb and the New York Times are already doing and want to explore why this works for product teams.

tenative title: Why Product Teams love STAR Apps.

thank you!